Khor Taktak Marble Mine

Location: 416 km east of Isfahan

Type of stone: Marble

Stone color: cream

Apparent specific gravity: 2,7

Dry resistance: 1,350 kg per square centimeter (kg/cm2)

Saturation resistance: 1,310 kg/cm2

Water absorption rate: 0.68%

Porosity: Insignificant

Mineral specifications:


The marble of this mine is a slightly modified limestone with recrystallization in light cream to pinkish cream color with a uniform background and very excellent polishing, which has a special brilliance, transparency and beauty due to recrystallization, bio-sparity and the presence of tough stylolithic streaks.

The hardness of this rock is balanced (it is 3 according to the results of the analysis) so that it doesn’t depreciate the cutting disc and does not crumble against the disc.

The specific gravity of this stone is 2.7 due to its hollowness and solidity, and it is desirable in terms of polishing due to its high and suitable specific gravity.

The low amount of silica (according to XRF analysis), stones of this reserve will be effective in the final part because the lower the hardness of the stone, the less cost will be spent on plating and polishing its parts.