Marble mine of Uzbek Mountain of Khor and Biyabank

Location: 460 km northeast of Isfahan

Type of stone: Marble.

Stone color: cream, pinkish cream 

Apparent specific gravity: 2.65

Dry resistance: 930 kg/cm2

Saturation resistance: 960 kg / cm2

Water absorption rate: 0.65

Among the desirable characteristics of this stone are the absence of clay layers in the context of the stone, no change in color against sunlight and ambient climate, uniformity of the constituent grains in terms of hardness and size, low water absorption coefficient, frictional resistance, pressure and tensile resistance in an appropriate level and good polishing can be mentioned.

Due to the absence of fine cracks, lack of adsorption of water and colorful liquids and very high durability against abrasion, coups in suitable size are offered in the market according to the investigation into the mine area and mineral in terms of sedimentary lithology and metamorphism, stratigraphy and engineering geology.