)Ahrar Sepahan Cattle Farm is located 140 km west of Isfahan in Fereiden area. This cattle farm was established and exploited (put into operation) in 1996 on a land with an area of 56,000 square meters in the lands of Fereiden City, Nahr-e-Khalaj region, with the efforts of the proud freedmen (from Iraq-Iran war). Ahrar Sepahan Company's cattle farm started its activities with the license of 200 productive cattle. The purchased cows were of the best breed of (Holstein) purebred (original) cows, which made the calves born from the very beginning have high blood purity.

Race (breed) of the animal-husbandry cattle

The breed of cattle in this farm is Holstein with very high blood purity. In addition, according to the contract concluded with GMS company, breeding and selection of sperm is conducted with the consultation of the best consultants in the world.

Herd arrangement

This unit currently continues its activities with a total stock of 530 cows and bulls, of which 210 are dairy and 254 are productive. The percentage of pregnant milking cows is 54%, which is a significant figure.

Environment and keeping of livestock storage

The system of keeping the animals is free style, which provides the best space with the animals to rest. In addition, the use of sand, straw, etc. provides a suitable bed (ground) for livestock, which has a great impact on more production and animal health. The location to keep the dairy cattle is curved, which provides the shortest distance to the milking parlor, which plays a significant role in production.

Milking system

The milking machine of the complex is among the state-of-the-art devices that are installed in two separate parts. Milking has 16 units.

Nutrition (feeding)

One of the pillars of production in the livestock complex is the feeding unit. Fortunately, Ahrar Company has taken a useful step in this direction by using the best raw materials and the most experienced nutrition consultants. Protein raw materials used in livestock diets have been analyzed in modern laboratories in order to prepare and provide the best dairy livestock diets, etc. with the complex. Engineers play an important role by being present in the fields and supervising the harvesting, loading and selecting the best product in purchasing alfalfa and corn choppers (fodder corn).

Daily milk

The milk produced in livestock is 6000-7000 kg per day, which is in the first place in terms of quality in the Fereiden area. Milk fat contains 3.2 to 3.5% protein and has a very low microbial amount.

The milk of the complex is used in large factories in the region such as Dalankooh and Damdaran.

Livestock unit specifications

  •  Enclosed land is 30,000 square meters

  •  Fertilizer land and green space and forage cultivation of 26,500 square meters

  • Common purchased land of about 4 hectares (total livestock land of 10 hectares)

  •   Dairy cow has 6 luggage, of which 5 are free style luggage.

  •  4 land cow rack

  •   Denmark 2 # 48 SAC model milking system (2 rows of 8-piece)

  • The number of the milking cows is 200.

  •   Number of productive ones is 260.

  • The total herd is currently 535 heads.

  • A 2-inch well impeller

  •   1 inch city drinking water

  • The feed is made inside the cattle farm itself

  •  Record of about 34 kg

  •   The daily amount of milk is 6,300 to 6,800 kg

  •  Total fertility is 42%

  •  Cow fertility is 40%

  •   Heifer fertility is 60%

  •   Number of monthly deliveries (calf birth) is 20 heads

  •   Obtaining the farm deed is underway.

What makes this complex apart:

  • ·  ISO 14001 certificate from BVQI company of UK

  •  Complying with all health and technical laws and principles utilizing experienced staff and first-class consultants in the country

  •  Using modern machinery and milking machines of the world

  •   Unique construction (free style system)

  •  Outstanding in livestock production (60% to 70%)

  •   Production of registered bulls and pregnant heifers

  •  Use of bred cows and bulls

  •   Production of milk with a fat of above 3.2 and a microbial amount below 50,000 in compliance with the state-of-the-art world standard food formulas.