Travertine mine of Natanz Torogh River

Location: 90 km north of Isfahan. 

Stone type: travertine..

Color: white, cream, beige, chocolate, silver, snake skin.

Apparent specific gravity: 2.54 tons per cubic meter

Moisture absorption coefficient: 1.41%

Pressure resistance: 650 kg/cm2.

Abrasion percentage: 30.6%

Extraction method: mechanized (diamond wire-cutting machine).

The formation of Torogh Travertine Mine is caused by local tensions in the overlap zone of faults in the region. Geological evidences suggest that these rocks were formed in a geogradiant environment by magmatic and tectonic activities. The weight of various factors in the production evaluation is never absolute in this mine and changes significantly from case to case and has resulted in consumers’ satisfaction in terms of uniform product market, rock health and color sorting after systematic research activities and studies.

It has acoustic and thermal insulation properties due to the balance between the ratio of hollowness and porosity.

It has a banded texture and can be cut in two directions, wavy and without waves.

Cutting in the direction perpendicular to the layering causes the creation of a special harmony in the building facade due to the color variety and change in the thickness of the colorful layers.  

The cut parallel to the layering gives a special effect by concentric circles to the building facade.

The specific gravity of the rock of this mine is 2.55 tons per cubic meter, which has caused a desirable and suitable polishing in this rock.

Degrees of selling stone coupe: premium, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3