Nehbandan Granite Mine

Location: 50 km west of Nehbandan.

Stone type: granodiorite.

Stone color: cream, orange, gray

Apparent specific gravity: 2.71 tons per cubic meter.

Moisture absorption coefficient: 0.12%

Pressure resistance: 2,350 kg/cm2.

Extraction method: mechanized (diamond wire-cutting machine).

The rock of this mine is of granodiorite type and there is a relative abundance of plagioclase in relation to alkaline feldspar and sometimes decomposition of biotite into muscovite, which has a special beauty and attractiveness due to its attractive dispersion in rock minerals and suitable color grade. .

The color of the rock of this mine is related to the feldspars that make it up, which gives a special effect to the facade of the building along with a proper granulation. 

This stone is well resistant to environmental factors such as acid rains, pollutions, frost, cold and heat, detergents, impact and abrasion, passing vehicles and pedestrians.

The combination of the mentioned factors has caused the rock of this mine to be favored by the market in terms of color and engineering properties.

Degrees of selling the stone coupes: single-coupe, two-coupe, three-coupe