Ghazandaghi Kaolin Mine

Location: 8 km north of Takestan

Mineral type: Kaolin industrial soil.

Mineral color: white, pinkish white, grayish white.

Extraction method: stair outdoor.




The clays of this mine are composed of alteration of Trachyandesite feldspars and andesite in hot and humid areas in the form of hydrothermal. This mineral remains chemically unchanged over a wide range of pH changes, and the absence of free silica is one of its advantages in industrial applications. It has a greasy polish and catalytic properties, softness and non-abrasion, and a very good coating property, which has provided customer satisfaction due to its reasonable price. This mine is the largest supplier of the needs of factories producing ceramic and tile (Pars, Alvand, Irana, Gilana, Isfahan, etc.), supply of refractory bricks and industrial powders.