Marble Mine of Bojnourd Kamar Mountain

Location: Bojnourd

Stone type: Marble

Stone color: honey, orange

Apparent specific gravity: 2.69 tons per cubic meter

Moisture absorption coefficient: 0.96%

Pressure resistance: 830 kg/cm2

Extraction method: mechanized (diamond wire-cutting machine)

This mine is located near the Bojnourd City in North Khorasan Province. The rock extracted from this mine is orange marble. This stone is very good in terms of quality and has a beautiful variety. Bojnourd orange marble is currently produced in Ahrar Sepahan Stone Processing Factories and supplied to domestic and foreign markets.

The formation of this deposit has been hydrothermal. In this way, it impacts on calcareous layers of deep tensile faults and causes hydrothermal fluids to penetrate into the streaks. With decreasing pressure and temperature, sediment and separation of soluble materials have been conducted as a result of which aragonite streaks have been formed. Interestingly, as the streak depth increases, the amount of strontium and barium present in the rock increases, which confirms that the streak is hydrothermal.