Laibid Crystal Mine No. 1 and 5

Location: 55 km north of Meimeh.

Stone type: Porcelain

Color: white with black streaks.

Apparent specific gravity: 2.72 tons per cubic meter.

Moisture absorption coefficient: 0.36%

Pressure resistance: 968 kg/cm3.

Extraction method: mechanized (diamond wire-cutting machine).

The rocks of this mineral area have crystallized due to the increase in thermal pressure caused by the injection of hot magma with high pressure.

The rock of this mine is coarse, full-crystalline, the same in size and shaped in white color formed with a medium to high metamorphic intensity.

The above-mentioned characteristics have led to the creation and continuation of a uniform supply of the product desired by the purchaser over time for long-term planning in stone-cutting factories.

Degrees of selling the stone coupe: dimensions, premium, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4