Natanz Urea Granite Mine

Location: 8 km west of Natanz.

Stone type: granite.

Stone color: white and black, white with black beads..

Apparent specific gravity: 2.8 tons per cubic meter.

Moisture absorption coefficient: 0.06%.

Pressure resistance: 1,320 kg/cm2.

Extraction method: mechanized (diamond wire-cutting machine)

Igneous stone with quartzite, feldspar, and mica compounds in white color with black penetration, which has a uniformity in texture and regularity in making a special effect in the facade of the building due to the beauty of the color and the reflection of its crystals. This stone is resistant to chemical and physical weathering and is naturally suitable in all types of climates. Due to the fact that the density of a rock does not necessarily guarantee its durability and the microscopic studies performed, this rock lacks harmful and unstable minerals in a cumulative manner, which makes the use of this rock suitable in terms of engineering principles in all environments.

Degrees of selling the stone coupe: premium, grade 1, grade 2.